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DECISIONS by Max Lucado

"According to God’s plan, life is a series of decisions. Do I move or stay? Hold on or let go? Tie the knot or not? Small decisions, large decisions. Decisions everywhere! We make our choices, and they make us. Consequently, decision-making saps energy and creates anxiety. What if I make the wrong choice?"

"So what can we do? Given the weightiness of choices, how can we make good ones? You will be encouraged by the promise of Scripture: we can be led by the Holy Spirit. “He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake” (Psalm 23:3 ESV). God, our Good Shepherd, doesn’t just feed us; he leads us. He does more than correct us; he directs us. He keeps us on the right track. He has commissioned the Holy Spirit to guide us down the winding roads of life."


I agree with Max but I do not believe God is going to guide and direct us if we do not have a heart that is willing. We must have faith and belive!

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