"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations" - Matthew 28:19

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In January our series is titled, Your Faith, Bible Faith. Today, faith in Jesus is the beginning and end of our faith. As the month progresses we will consider Bible pictures of saving faith, the relationship between faith and fruit, and then the distinction between faith and opinion.

All 4 Gospel accounts tell of the feeding of the 5,000 but John tells us the rest of the story. The people return the next day, not finding Jesus they sought him out elsewhere. Jesus knows why they are looking for Him and then makes one of the most astounding statements of your Bible,John 6:26-29, “....the work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” Work is a task, something you do. Jesus says God has done something, you must do something. God’s task was to send His Son. Our task is to believe “in the one” God sent.

God’s greater work is the sending of Jesus into the world. God’s lesser work was sending bread from heaven which fed man for a day. It is easy to want bread for today. Jesus would have us want bread from heaven that does not perish. Read John 6:30-34.

Believing in God’s greater work has eternal implications. To see Jesus is to see God. This is more than believing Jesus is an historical figure. This is realizing He is Lord of heaven and earth. This is to realize He is Lord of your life. Being ruler, He will invade your every decision, and activity, and priority. Believing in Him is realizing that at the “last day”, you will be before Him. Read John 12:42-50.

It is an insult to your intelligence to suggest that you can have a casual, passing faith in Jesus. To believe “in the one” whom “God has sent” reaches every crevice of your life.

Consider the advice old folks give young folks when monumental life decisions are being made. We advise they consider how this decision will affect the rest of their life. If marriage is under consideration we might remind them how from that moment on, all decisions must be made with the family in mind. It will not be “his” and “hers”, it will be“ours”. We might speak of the beauty of mutual submission to each other and the horror of marrying someone not worth submitting to. Should anyone believe in Jesus without similar forethought?

To believe in the one God sent has greater implications than any other life decision we make. Belief in Jesus has eternal consequence beyond this life. Believing should not be entered into lightly. Belief in the one God sent is the greatest, heaviest, most profound decision of our life. If you believe the one whom God has sent, confession of faith, repentance, and baptism into Christ is soon to follow. But get ready, some real life changes are about to follow.

It is good to be at Southside!!!

Jeff W. Smith

From Jeff's Desk

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