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God's Grace in Action

Kay and I had a chance to witness God's grace in action yesterday afternoon. We were on I-840 head to Franklin to pickup items she bought at an online auction. About 5 miles from the I-65 exit, a pickup truck pulling a sixteen foot trailer passed us traveling probably 85-90 miles per hour. I pulled out to pass a much slower car placing us about fifty yards behind the trailer when it started weaving. It looked as if the trailer was going to jack knife. I started braking immediately then the trailer broke free from the truck running into the median. It continued through the media into the east bound traffic lanes. The traffic was heavy! Our reaction was to holler NO! It came to rest up against a mound on the other side after crossing both lanes. It was still upright on all four wheels. The trailer hit no car nor did a car hit it. Our stomachs were doing summersaults. The pickup driver was probably stunned!

We were amazed that there was no accident. If there had been a collision, some people would have been seriously hurt maybe even killed. I commented that how that happened without a wreck was amazing. Kay's comment that there was no wreck because of God's grace. We returned home via the same route looking for the trailer and pickup but they were gone.

We both prayed silently the remainder of the trip praising God. The first thing on my mind this morning was God's goodness to all of us on that section of I-840 yesterday afternoon. He is good!


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