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The Joy of Certainty

At the doctor’s office a few weeks ago, there was a book titled A Little God Time which looked interesting, so I read a few devotionals. The title actually ended with “For Women” in different font but didn’t notice that part at first. There is a devotional for each day of the year, and they are actually fitting for both men and women. The publisher granted rights to copy on Southside’s blog so some of the material will start showing up.

“Yesterday we read about hearing God’s voice behind us, leading us down the path he’s chosen for our lives. Perhaps this idea isn’t entirely comforting to you. What about free will? What if I want to wander off the path a little bit? The idea of just blindly following someone, even God Himself, can seem a little daunting. What if His path is no fun?"

"Rest assured. You are not blindfolded, and He is not pushing you down His-or any-path. You will only hear His voice if you are listening. And the choice to follow His lead is entirely yours. But what a wonderful choice it is! Consider Psalm 16: [You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.]"

"He doesn’t just tell us which way to go, he shows us the path. And even better he is with us, joy and pleasure are ours-forever. Rest in the lovely assurance today and pray for the courage to surrender to His lead.”

My initial thought was of my grandchildren. They seem to think they have the world by the tail, but then again didn’t I think that at their age about myself? Even at 71+ years, I need this message!

Think about it!


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A Little God Time For Women – BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC – 2021- Used by permission

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