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THE PRICE OF PRIDE - February 2, 2022 from Max Lucado's Daily Devotion

The other day I saw some children at play on a large vacant lot where someone had dumped a mound of dirt. They were playing the greatest of kid games: King of the Mountain. The rules are as simple as they are brutal: fight your way to the top, and shove off anyone who threatens to take your spot.

Versions of King of the Mountain are played in every dormitory, classroom, boardroom, and bedroom. And since mountaintop real estate is limited, people tend to get shoved around. Mark it down: if you want to be king, someone is going to suffer. Your arrogance might prompt a broken marriage, an estranged friendship, or a divided office.

Pride comes at a high price. Don’t pay it. Consider the counsel of the apostle Paul: “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought” (Romans 12:3).

From Mike: We all know someone that Max's writing describes. My question is: Does it describe me? I need to think deeply and be honest with myself. Do I need to make changes?

Do his thoughts describe you?

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