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Decide to Believe

Max Lucado writes: “Belief happens when we place our confidence in God. It is a decision to lean entirely upon the strength of a living and loving Savior. And to the extent that we do, we will have “life in His name.” This is the purpose of the miracles. John the Apostle recounted signs in this promise: that you and I are never, ever alone.”

“Was this not one of the final promises of Christ? Before he ascended to heaven, he assured his friends, “I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20 ESV). Those words must have meant everything to John. Can you picture the aged apostle as he tells about the day some six decades earlier and a thousand miles removed when Jesus invited him to lay down the fishing net and follow him. John did. You can too. Remember, friend, you are never alone.”

Take note that Max uses three words that call for action on our part. He uses “place” and “decision”. He uses the adverb “entirely”. God is not going to force us into a decision to place our lives in His hands. We have to decide! If we do decide to entirely lean on Him, Jesus will always be with us. We will still experience problems even heartache but knowing He is there gives us peace and comfort. God/Jesus will wrap their loving arms around us and never leave us alone!

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