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Pardon the personal reference but I can really relate to Max's message today. After my massive stoke on March 20, 2015, I knew that only through God could there be improvement. Many of you know the same thing maybe not from a stroke but some other tragic event. Our responsibility now is to offer encouragement!

Max: "On April 21, 2008, Katherine Wolf suffered a massive stroke. She lost her ability to walk, talk clearly, and care for herself. She went from being a California model to a wheelchair-bound patient. God stepped in. In her wonderful book, Hope Heals, she writes, “I felt a deep awakening of the Word of God, which I had known since I was a little girl…It was my epiphany of hope! I would never lose heart in this situation because my soul was not what was wasting away.”

"Don’t try to weather this storm alone my friend. He is still the great I AM. The next time you pray, Is anyone coming to help me? listen for the response of Jesus: I AM with you in the storm. And remember my friend, you are never alone. "

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