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God’s Suffering

Some have the picture of God as stoic with no emotions except anger. God and Christ are one in the same and John 11:35 tells us that Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus. God made us in his own image, so he has emotions especially as he watched his Son suffer.

As I pray each day, I am very thankful for Christ’s suffering for me. As a father myself, I believe God was suffering along with his son. I don’t believe he could watch and hear Christ’s suffering without being distressed.

Think about your emotions as you witnessed and heard the following if it was your own son:

  • Your son falls to the ground and cries and pleads for you to deliver him from the crucifixion three times but thankfully he requests your will be done not his;
  • Watch as he is beaten until his face was disfigured and a made a bloody pulp;
  • Watch as he is flogged with a whip made with bone and stone in the tips;
  • Hear them curse and mock him;
  • Watch as they spit in his face;
  • Watch him wince as they push the crown of thorns down on his head;
  • Watch him struggle to drag about 180-pound cross through a crowd of people cursing and laughing at him;
  • Watch the pain in his face as they drive the nails into his hands and feet;
  • See the anguish in his face as the cross bangs around while settling in the hole ripping his flesh;
  • Watch as he tries to push his torso up so his lungs can get some air;
  • Hear him ask for something to drink and see him take a sip of vinegar;
  • Watch and hear the total disrespect for your son;
  • Then finally hear him ask you why you had forsaken him! This would be the final straw that would break my heart!

Some do not understand why we take communion every Sunday. They think that every Sunday causes communion to become mundane. How could it become mundane when you genuinely think about what God/Christ suffered for you. Would it be mundane if it were your son?

Most of the Christian world will celebrate Easter this Sunday. The focus will be on Christ’s crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection that gives us hope!

Concentrate on the suffering and be grateful because it’s the only hope you have!


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