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Jesus Values You by Max Lucado

Jesus’ love does not depend upon what we do for him. Not at all. In the eyes of the King, you have value simply because you are. You don’t have to look nice or perform well. Your value is inborn. Period.

Think about that for just a minute. You’re valuable just because you exist. Not because of what you’ve done, but simply because you are. Remember that the next time you are left bobbing in the wake of someone’s steamboat ambition. Or some trickster tries to hang a bargain basement price tag on your self-worth. Remember that the next time someone tries to pass you off as a cheap buy.

Just think about the way Jesus honors you, and smile. I do. Because I know I don’t deserve love like that—none of us do.


Mike: Many people spend their lives trying to earn love from others.  They want to prove their value in a marriage, in a friendship especially in a job. Unfortunately you see it in a child feeling he/she has to earn the parents love. In some cases that's true but not from Jesus. Yes, He has expectations of us but regardless of our failures He still loves. Think about Max's last sentence often today and tell God/Jesus "THANK YOU"!

Remember that He suffered and died for you. No one can be loved more than that!

WRAPPED IN WINTER - October 1, 2021 by Max Lucado

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