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The Lord Is on His Throne

Daily Devotional by Max Lucado

“When tragedy strikes—whether personal, national, or global—people wonder how God could allow such things to happen. Is God really in control? Can we trust him to run the universe if he would allow this? It is important to recognize that God dwells in a different realm. God said to Isaiah, “Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9).”

“How vital, then, that we pray, armed with the knowledge that God is in heaven. And he has chosen to bend near toward earth to see our sorrow and hear our prayers. Though we may not be able to see his purpose or his plan, the Lord of heaven is on his throne and in firm control of the universe and our lives.”

I understand and agree with what Max writes in his devotion! BUT at times it is difficult to understand and accept the tragedies we experience. What is the purpose of His plan for that child dying? People are struggling and dying every day from Covid. Through my work with CASA I see so many children neglected or abandoned by their parents. The cause is drug use. There are three former CASA boys and at least one father in jail. I greatly appreciate what God does for all of us but at times I have no understanding of His plan or purpose for these people. It takes every ounce of my faith and trust to hang on.

Kay was pregnant with our third child when she lost the baby early in the first trimester. After the physician performed the D&C, he informed us that something was definitely  wrong with the baby. Neither of us felt that we were equipped to take care of a special needs child. We were OK with God’s plan for that baby but …..

I worked for a company that lost 292 people on September 11, 2001. Employees were housed in both towers. Gary, from the Memphis office, was in a conference room where the first plane hit. The following February regional managers were brought to New York for meetings. One afternoon we had the opportunity to tour the spot where the towers once stood. We were then taken to a photographer’s studio where he displayed more than a thousand photos he had taken on 9/11. One of those pictures will always be with me. In time lapse photos, a man stood on the ledge crossed his arms over his chest and leaned forward until he fell off. The tour buses drove us by New York’s Bellevue Hospital where refrigerated trailers were end to end still trying to identify body parts. Why God? What possible purpose can You have for this?

God is on His throne. He allows life to happen. Even though we may not understand His mind, the only way to make it through life is to have faith and trust. If we can’t accept Isaiah 55 and go ahead then life will be even tougher. Pray for God’s help in finding peace in your life!


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Give Your Fears to Your Father
Encouragement by Max Lucado

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